County Presidents

Presidents of the Middlesex County Athletics Association since inception
1922 Charlie Butcher (Finchley) J.Robertson (Chairman of Committee)
1923 Charlie Butcher (Finchley)
1924 Bert lves(QPH)
1925 Earl Cadogan (Achilles) Ernie Reavell (Chairman of Committee)
1926 Earl Cadogan (Achilles) Gordon Brown (C of C)
1927 Sir Sefton Brancker (RAF) Harold Abrahams (C of C)
1928 Sir Sefton Brancker (RAF) T.Grant (Chaiman of Committee)
1929 Sir Sefton Brancker (RAF) Douglas Lowe (C of C)
1930 Sir Sefton Brancker (RAF) E.Atkinson (Chairman of Committee)
1931 James Leigh Wood (Achilles) Norman Easlea (C of C)
1932 James Leigh Wood (Achilles F.Yexley (Chairman of Committee)
1933 James Leigh Wood (Achilles) C.Smith (Chairman of Committee)
1934 James Leigh Wood (Achilles) J.Turner (Chairman of Committee)
1935 James Leigh Wood (Achilles) W.Oman (Chairman of Committee)
1936 James Leigh Wood (Achilles) Billy Hope (Chairman of Committee)
1936 Gordon Brown (Homsey St Mary’s)
1937 Bob Martin Gordon Brown (C of C)
1938 Charlie Hill (Finchley) Bob Martin (Chairman of Committee)
1939 Norman Easlea (Enfield) Charlie Hill (Chairman of Committee)
1940 Alf Harley
1941 Alf Harley
1942 A.Westcott
1943 E.Tomlinson
1944 W.Clark
1945 George Shipp
1946 Arthur Kendall (Shaftesbury)
1947 Phil Gale (Southgate)
1948 Bill Parkinson (Southgate )
1949 Phil D’Arcy (Hornsey St Mary’s)
1950 Alec White (TVH)
1951 Vic Sealy (Ruislip-Northwood)
1952 Fred Orchard(TVH)
1953 Les Golding(Eton Manor)
1954 George Cooper (Ponders End)
1955 Charlie Constant (British Rail)
1956 George Bowler (Shaftesbury)
1957 John Bedford (QPH)
1958 Horace Denton (Hampstead)
1959 Lister Hey (Ponders End)
1960 Bill Plumridge (TVH)
1961 Freddie Friston(Finchley)
1962 Fred Carter (Wigmore)
1963 Arthur Gold (LAC)
1964 Ernie Baines (Hornsey St Mary’s)
1965 Herbie Bowles(Southgate)
1966 Cyril Box (Ealing)
1967 Ted Sutters (Ealing & Southall)
1968 George Hemsworth MBE (Victoria Park)
1969 Bill Coyne (Polytechnic)
1970 Wilf Waters (Middlesex Schools)
1971 Charlie Welch (North London)
1972 Charlie Harrison (Shaftesbury)
1973 Ron Jewkes (Ealing & Southall)
1974 Len Beavan (LAC)
1975 Peter Saw (QPH)
1976 John Davies(TVH)
1977 Lister Hey (Borough of Enfield)
1978 Charlie Harrison (Shaftesbury)
1979 Frank Petit (QPH)
1980 Ted Whitehead (Hillingdon)
1981 Arthur Kendall (Shaftesbury)
1982 Ron Jewkes (Ealing & Southall)
1983 Colin Weight (Verlea)
1984 Ted Stimpson (Belgrave)
1985 Barrie Saunders (TVH)
1986 Eric Walters (North London)
1987 Roy Stratton (Borough of Enfield)
1988 Bill Stevens (Ealing & Southall)
1989 Doug Fotheringham (Belgrave)
1990 Laurie Kelly (TVH)
1991 Alan Corfield (Highgate)
1992 Vera Searle (MLAC)/ Sir Arthur Gold (LAC)
1993 Jill Lindsay (MLAC)
1994 Maurice Jones (Belgrave)
1995 Sylvia Parker (Harrow)
1996 John Wright (Shaftesbury Barnet)
1997 Eric Shirley(Jnr) (Hillingdon)
1998 Jeanne Coker (Highgate)
1999 Roy Clarridge (TVH)
2000 Cecil Gittins (QPH)
2001 Dave Terry (ESM)
2002 Jean Browne (Harrow)
2003 Richard Darby (Harrow)
2004 John Hall (Belgrave)
2005 Tony Randall (ESM)
2006 Beryl Stratton (Enfield & Haringey)
2007 Maureen Smith (Highgate)
2008 Malcolm French (Serpentine)
2009 Roy Stratton (Borough of Enfield)
2010 Sean Pender (Enfield & Haringey)
2011 Sue Bishop (Hillingdon)
2012 Peter Browne (TVH)
2013 Ivor Wiggett (London Heathside}
2014 John Falvey (ESM)
2015 Richard Priestley (Highgate)
2016 Richard Priestley (Highgate)
2017 Steve Marshall (Shaftesbury Barnet)
2018 Major Carr (VPH & TH)
2019 Clyde Gordon (Shaftesbury Barnet)
2020 Tim Hannah (ESM)
2021 Tim Hannah (ESM)
2022 Bill O’Connor (QPH)
2023 John Husbands (TVH)
2024 Gerald Alterman (Shaftesbury Barnet)

There is some doubt as to who the Presidents actually were in the early days as between 1923 and the war years the Presidents listed in the 75 years anniversary booklet differ from those that were found listed as Presidents in historical documents. It seems that in the years up to the war there were Presidents who served for several years and others who were Chairmen of Committee (some listed as C of C).
As at 2022 there are 6 presidents who had 2 terms of office and 2 who due to special circumstances served 2 successive years.
Names highlighted in bold are those who have served two terms. Arthur Kendall’s two terms as President were 35 years apart.
In 1992 the Men’s & Women’s Associations merged and in that year Middlesex had Joint Presidents – Vera Searle from the Middlesex Women’s Association and Arthur Gold.
Barrie Saunders is believed to be the oldest living past president with Eric Walters being the next oldest.