This page provides information for Technical Officials and those interested in officiating. As well as your own club, lots of meeting promoters are seeking officials. As you progress through the ranks there are also lots of opportunities to officiate at higher level meetings.

Photo of an athletics official in a white T-Shirt in front of some trees.
Official is Stuart Pugh.
Stuart Pugh, Middlesex CofSec

The key contact for all officiating related matters is the County Officials Secretary (referred to as the CofSec). The current CofSec for Middlesex is Stuart Pugh. The CofSec can assist with all matters relating to officiating including getting started, moving through the levels, learning a new skill or finding a meeting for you to gain experience at. You’ll find him at most County events as well as various league and open events across the area.

You can find details of the officials appointed for county events on the Selections page.

Other Contacts

  • Schools and Championships Contact – Major Carr