Officials Equipment


The basic kit for Track and Field officials is a white polo short and dark blue or black trousers. You don’t need to but these from anywhere special. Some clubs have kit for officials to buy or you may even be given some as thank you for your assistance.

The official kit supplier for England Athletics is Kukri and they have a range of shirts and other clothing available.

Note: Starters (and only starters) wear red tops.

There is no prescribed kit for Endurance officials but as it is often cold and wet during the Cross Country season, warm and waterproof clothes and boots are usually worn.

Starters Assistant Cards

You can buy a full set of starters cards from RefStore. These have been designed in conjunction with England Athletics.

Specialist Track and Field Suppliers

Neuff is a specialist athletics supplier who have wide range of kit and equipment for officials. This includes stopwatches, rule books, tape measures and all weathe clipboards amongst other things.