This page contains links to the most common documents relating to the Rules of Athletics covering UK, World, Para and Masters competition. Although the UK rules are only updated every 2 years, the World Athletics rules are updated throughout the cycle.

UK Rules

The majority of meetings in the UK are run under UK Athletics Rules. These are based on the World Athletics rules with additions to cover junior age groups and some other local variations. You can download the 2024-2026 rule book at the UKA Website.

Members of the SEAOA will receive a copy of the printed rule book as part of their membership but if you are not a member (or you require a second copy) you can buy them at Neuff.

Unless clearly stated otherwise all events promoted by Middlesex AA run under UKA rules.

World Athletics Rules

World Athletics no longer provide printed copies of their rule book as they update it regularly through the year. The full official rules can be found on the WA Website. You can download the Competition and Technical rules as a PDF from there too.

World Paralympic (WPA) Rules

The World Para Athletics rules and details of classifications are available from the WPA website. The March 2024 updated rules can be downloaded direct as a PDF from there too.

Infringement Forms

Track infringement forms (updated April 2024) can be downloaded from the UK Athletics website. Printable A5 versions (2 forms per A4 sheet) are available from the SEAOA website.

Masters (Age 35+) Rules

Masters events generally follow the World Athletics rules with some allowances and adjustments to account for the age of the participants. The World Masters Rule Book covers the changes to the standard rules and should be read in conjunction with WA/UKA rules.