Under 13 Inter-Counties – Kingston – 31st July 2011

Roy Clarridge signed off on a high note as his under 13 boys team won the Inter-Counties at Kingston on Sunday 31st July.

Full results are at http://www.u13ic.org.uk/today.php

Roy’s report is below:


Sunday, 31st July, 2011


The Middlesex boys’ team had a sensational day to win this competition for the first time and by a massive 17 points. For the Middlesex supporters watching it was a fantastic day to watch with the sprinters winning by huge margins and in the relay the next team were out of sight. This was even more satisfying as the boys were unable to practice baton changing as two of them were taking part in field events at the same time. They also recorded a Meeting Best Performance.

    Starting with the 75m hurdles it was good to have two ‘proper’ hurdlers. Although they were disappointed with their performances Sean Bazanye-Lutu finished 5th and Nabil Haque, 3rd. Then came the 100m. Lathursan Vinayagamoorthy and Wilson Aduntow were both winners. When Wilson was  contacted two days before the event it finally filled in the last gap in the Middlesex team. In the 800m A race, Neville Namatunida destroyed the field and ran away on the second lap. Abraham Mendes Da Costa had to fight all the way and passed two boys in the home strait to finish 4th. The 1500m had Brett English promoted to the A race where he finished 10th and Aaron Spink transferred from the 800, finishing 7th.

    In the field events, Middlesex had a very strong presence in all events which enabled us to win by such a large margin. Unattached athlete, Zachary Ennison (London Schools) finished 7th in the Discus and Arnold Mensuah won the B. Jamie Cohen finished equal 7th in the high jump gaining unexpected points. Arnold then went to the long jump where he finished 2nd. In the B string, Adeamakinwa Rahaman jumped further than Arnold and won with a new PB. Emmanuel Olubi finished 4th in the A shot putt and Nabil Haque won the B with his first putt. He then ran in the relay and came back for his 3rd attempt. Arnold Mensuoh played it different. He ran in the relay then threw the javelin a massive 34.77m in his first ever competition to gain 2nd place in the B event. Yohanes Asefa was 6th in the A.

    It was good to have athletes from 10 clubs in the team including NEB and QPH for the first time.



75mH      5, Sean Bazanye-Lutu 13.04,                               3=, Nabil Haque  13.66

100m       1, Lathursan Vinayagamoorthy 12.25,              1, Wilson Aduntow  12.55

200m       1, Lathursan  25.11                                               1, Wilson  25.86 PB

800m,      1, Neville Namatunida 2.16.29 PB                      4, Abraham Mendes Da Costa 4, 2.27.07 PB

1500m     11, Brett English 5.04.12                                      7,  Aaron Spink 5.06.46 PB

Relay:     1, Armold Mensuoh, Wilson Aduntow, Nabil Haque, Lathursan Vinayagamoothy 49.83 BP



HJ           7=, Jamie Cohen 1.40

LJ            2, Arnold Mensuoh 4.93                                     1, Ademakinwa Rahaman 5.17 PB

Discus    7, Zachary Ennison 22.23                                    1, Arnold Mensuoh 26.29 PB

Shot        4, Emmanuel Ohubi 10.24                                    1, Nabil Haque 10.68 PB

Javelin    6, Yohanes Asafa 26.80                                       2, Arnold Mensuoh 34.77 PB


Non Scoring:

100m       Nabil Haque, 12.85 PB         Ademakinwa Rahaman, 12.78

800m       Reece Farren, 2.40.80