Middlesex Senior/ Under 20/ Under 17 County Championships – Roundup

Many thanks to Simon Baker for the attached roundup of Monday’s championships.

The County held the second half of the County track and Field Championships on Bank Holiday Monday at a cold windy Lee Valley, the weather appearing to anticipate the forthcoming cross-country season rather than what should still be the summer .  Unfortunately, as has been the case for most championships this year numbers were down, further impacted by withdrawals after the last round of the National Athletics League on the Saturday.  However, those who did attend produced a host of great performances.


2021 Senior Champions:- Cian O’Donnell (London Heathside) 10.69s, Eliste Modeste (E&H) 12.19s

Championship Best:- Linford Christie (TVH), Sanusi Turay (TVH), Joseph Thomas (Woodford Green) 10.2s (1983,1996,1998), Wendy Clark (Highgate) 11.5s (1977)

In the 100m Cian O’Donnell (London Heathside), bronze medallist at the Scottish Championships was the victor in a PB of 10.69s while in the senior women Elise Modeste (E&H) secured 1st place in 12.19s.  The U20 Men’s race, one of the few to have heats, saw two runners go under 11s with Joshua Garcia (VP&TH) 1st in 10.92 just ahead of Alex Bramble (E&H) in 2nd. Verret Charles (Blackheath) broke the 11s barrier for the first time to take gold in the U17 Men’s race with another Blackheath runner Tyra Khambai-Annan taking gold in the U17 Women.


2021 Senior Champions:- Cian O’Donnell (London Heathside) 21.65s, Erica Wallace (ESM) 26.68s

Championship Best:- Ade Mafe (London Irish), Julian Golding (Blackheath) 20.7s (1984, 1995), Marcia Richardson (WGEL), Margaret Adeoye (E&H) 23.80 (1995, 2010)   

Cian O’Donnell made it a sprint double by setting a new 200m PB of 21.65s, he also won bronze in the 200m Scottish Nationals earlier this month while Erica Wallace (ESM) took the senior women’s title in 26.68s.  Kai English (ESM) took the U20 men’s title with 22.32s a PB by 0.6s with Mya Green (Harrow) also taking 1st place in the U20W with a PB of 25.24s.  Karrell Harris (VP&TH) secured the U17 men’s title in a PB of 22.34 with Tyra Kamba-Annan (Blackheath) in her first outdoor 200m for 2 years the U17 women’s race.


2021 Senior Champions:- Emanuel Agyare (E&H) 48.97s, Ella Fryer (St Marys Richmond) 58.8s

Championship Best:- Andre Fernandez (NEB) 47.48s (2007), Perri Shakes-Drayton (VP&TH) 53.32 (2008)

In a close U17 Women 300m race Michelvi Wamba (VP&TH) set a new PB by almost 2s ahead of Tyra Khambai-Annan.   Victory in the men’s 400m went to Emanuel Agyare (E&H) the only runner to break 49s. Alex Mundell (TVH) won the senior women’s title with Ella Fryer (St Marys) the U20 Women’s title in 58.8s. James Earle (Hillingdon) took the U20 men’s title in 54.70s with the U17 Men’s title going to Joel Houslin (TVH) who ran 51.05s in his first ever 400m race.


2021 Senior Champions:- Elias Ahmed (ESM) 1:58.52, Brogan Wallace (London Heathside) 2:17.30

Championship Best:- Sebastian Coe (Haringey) 1:44.0 (1985), Kelly Holmes (ESM) 2:03.3 (1994)

The 800m saw limited numbers of competitors but Elias Ahmed (ESM) took gold in 1:58.52 with Hanad Ahmed (Hillingdon) the U20 title in 1:59.28.  Brogan Wallace (LH) took the senior women’s title with Ella Frier completing a 400m/800m double with the U20 women’s title in 2:14.81.  A closely fought U17 men’s race saw Abdirahim Hamad (SBH) sprint clear to win in 2:00.31 while in the U17 women Niamh Keohane (Trent Park) won in convincing style by almost 6s.


2021 Senior Champions:- Elias Ahmed (ESM) 4:20.68, Lily Woolcock (London Heathside) 4:53.08

Championship Bests:- Steve Harris (Haringey) 3:48.9 (1987), Kelly Holmes (ESM) 4:10.2 (1994)

The cold blustery conditions were not conducive to middle distance running with most races tactical affairs.  Elias Ahmed completed the middle distance double winning the senior mens 1500m with U20 men’s champion Abdirahim Hamud was fastest on the day with 4:19.57.   Defending Champion Lily Woolcock (LH) took the senior women’s title with Nicole McGovern (SBH) the U17 title in the fastest time of the day 4:47.18. 


2021 Senior Champions:- Dougal Burrowes (Trent Park) 15:46.20, Anna Hollingsworth (Serpentine) 17:41.77

Championship Bests:- Jerry Odlin (North London) 14:06.8 (1977), Anna Hollingsworth (Serpentine) 17:41.77

The U17 men’s 3000m was also a tactical race with Alessio Ferrari (Trent Park) sprinting clear to win in 10:21.56. In the combined 5000m race Monte Watson (Highgate) initially took it out hard to win the U20 men’s race in 16:35.09, He was passed by senior men’s winner Dougal Burrowes (Trent Park) who finished with 15:46.20.  The senior women’s race was won by Anna Hollingsworth (Serpentine) in a season’s best of 17:41.77.


2021 Senior Champions:- David Shortridge (VP&TH) 25.58s and 79.04s, No female competitors

Championship Bests:- Benjamin Grant (Haringey) 14.3s (1992), Laurence Lynch (Haringey) 51.2s (1996)

David Shortridge (VP&TH) was the only senior competitor in the sprint hurdles and 400m hurdles.  Azaria Nwankwo (SBH) took the U17W 300m Hurdle title in 49.64s.   Neon Richards (TVH) took the U20 men’s title in 58.90s with Gus Carter (ESM) the U17 men’s title with 58.98s.

High Jump

2021 Senior Champions:- No male competitor, Amelia McDonald (WG&EL) 1.55m

Championship Best:-  Rupert Charles (QPH) 2.16m (1984), Denise Wilkinson (Enfield) 1.75m (1981)

The High Jump saw only one male athlete Noor-Eldin Mahmoud (TVH) who won the U17 title with 1.80m.  Amelia McDonald (WG&EL) won the senior women’s title with Julie-Anne Boachie (Harrow) the U17 women’s both jumping 1.55m.

Pole Vault

2021 Senior Champions:- Stanislav Vilga (TVH) 3.30m, Jade Spencer-Smith (Harrow) 3.80m

Championship Bests:- Paul Hoad (Enfield) 4.85m (1989), Jade Spencer-Smith (Harrow) 3.80m (2021)

Due to problams with the equipment the pole vault was moved indoors with Stanislav Vilga (TVH) taking the men’s title in 3.30m.  Jade Spencer-Smith (Harrow) won the women’s title with 3.80m setting a new Championship best by 10cm.  Manon Baines (SBH) the U17 title with 3.40m and the U20 title went to Ciara Martin (E&H) with 2.30m.

Long Jump

2021 Senior Champions:- Carlos Mingoes (London Heathside) 6.35m, Vaida Sleinyte (ESM) 5.42m

Championship Best:- Tony Henry (SBH) 7.54m, Carol Earlingtom (Hounslow) 6.48m

Carlos Mingoes (LH) despite suffering an injury in the 100m took the senior men’s long jump title with 6.35m with Vaida Sleinyte (ESM) the women’s with 5.42m. Julie Anne-Boachie (Harrow) won the U17 title with 4.88m and the U20 title went to Adedoyin Adeyanju (Harrow) with 4.72m. 

Triple Jump

2021 Senior Champions:- Jude Bright Davis (TVH) 16.02m, Vaida Sleinyte (ESM) 11.02m

Championship Bests;- Francis Agyepong (SBH) 16.93m, Michelle Griffiths (WSEH) 13.40m (2006)

Jude Bright Davis (TVH) set a PB winning the Triple Jump with 16.02m with his brother Joel the defending champion in silver. James Earle (Hillingdon) won the U20 and Hussein Zaaiter (ESM) the U17 men.  U20 Ruth Ann Otanch (TVH) jumped 11.81 to take the U20 women’s title with Vaida Sleinyte adding to her long jump gold winning the senior title with 11.01m.  Chanel Lovelock (WSE&H) took the U17 Women title.


2021 Senior Champions:- Kevin Ackerman (Hillingdon) 10.76m, Harriet Connor (St Marys Richmond) 10.15m

Championship Bests:- Paul Edwards (Wolverhampton and Bilston) 17.32m (1987), Tracy Axten (Hounslow) 14.44m (1997)

The men’s Shot-Put titles went to Kevin Ackerman (Hillingdon) 10.76m, Matthew Collingridge (Kingston & Poly) 12.17m and U17 Cameron Sharma (St Marys) 8.30m.  Harriet Connor (St Marys) took the senior women’s title with 10.15m with Makayla Joseph (Harrow) the U20 women with the furthest throw of 11.24m.  Chanel Lovelock (WSE&H) won the U17 women’s title with 9.41m.  


2021 Senior Champions:- Joel Hawes (London Heathside) 30.26m, Laurensa Britanse (TVH) 35.94m

Championship Bests:- Neville Thompson (SBH) 54.62m (1994), Julia Avis (Barnet Ladies) 53.44m (1983)

Joel Hawes (LH) retained his Discus title with a season’s best of 30.26m, Matthew Collingridge (Kingston) took the U20 men’s title and Cameron Sharma (St Marys) the U17 title.  Furthest throw was by winner of the F44 category Michael Nicholls (SBH) with 42.01m.  Laurensa Britanse (TVH) won the senior women with 35.94m Coumba Sarr (St Marys) the U17 title with 24.10m.  Stacie Gaston (E&H) won the F44 category.


2021 Senior Champions:- James Hamblin (London Heathside) 56.04m, Nicola Long (Burton) 28.10m

Championship Bests:- William Beauchamp (TVH) 72.11m, Lyn Sprules (SBH) 62.47m (2000)

James Hamblin (LH) took the men’s Hammer title with 56.04m.  In the women’s competition Nicola Long (Burton) took gold with 28.10m Taydee Hardy (Hillingdon) took the U20 title and Hannah Parsons (Barnet) the U17 title.


2021 Senior Champions:- No male competitors, Laurensa Britanse (TVH) 35.55m

Championship Bests:- Nigel Bevan (Belgrave) 76.24m (1989), Laura Britanse (TVH) 45.27m (2017)

Andre Pereira Carneiro (St Marys) was the only male competitor in the javelin taking the U20 title with 40.68m. Laurensa Britanse (TVH) took the women’s title with 35.55m and Amani Kohler (Highgate) the U17 women’s title with 27.67m.

Medals were presented by County president Tim Hannah.

Including the U13 and U15 events the final Club Medal table is as follows:-

1st London Heathside (18 Gold, 13 Silver, 7 Bronze)
2nd Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers (18 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Bronze)
3rd Hillingdon (11 Gold, 14 Silver, 6 Bronze)
4th Thames Valley Harriers (9 Gold, 9 Silver, 3 Bronze)
5th Ealing Southall and Middlesex (8 Golds, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze)
6th St Mary’s Richmond (8 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze)
7th Harrow (7 Gold, 9 Silver, 3 Bronze)
8th Enfield and Haringey (6 Gold, 8 Silver, 6 Bronze)
9th Highgate (5 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze)
10th Windsor Slough & Eton (5 Gold, 0 Silver, 0 Bronze)
11th Kingston Poly (4 Gold, 3 Silver, 0 Bronze)
12th Blackheath & Bromley (3 Gold, 0 Silver, 0 Bronze)
13th Barnet & District (2 Gold, 6 Silver, 3 Bronze)
14th Woodford Green & Essex Ladies (2 Gold, 5 Silver, 0 Bronze)
15th Serpentine (2 Gold, 1 Silver, 0 Bronze)
16th Burton (1 Gold, 0 Silver, 1 Bronze)
17th Walton (0 Gold, 1 Silver, 0 Bronze)
18th Herne Hill Harriers (0 Gold, 0 Silver, 1 Bronze)