SEAA Inter-County XC Championships – 11.12.2021

The first Inter County Race for 2 years took place on Saturday 11th December at Lloyd Park, Croydon. Many of the young runners were making their County debut on what, despite the firm ground, proved to be a testing course. However the rain did hold off for the Junior races.

The Highlight of the meeting was the U15 Girls race which was won by Adela Svihalkova (TVH) after a terrific sprint to the line to help the team finish in 2nd place overall behind Kent. Elsewhere the teams finished 5th (U17W, U20W), 6th (U13B), 8th (U13G) and 11th (U15B). In addition to Adela’s 1st place there were top ten finishes for Lyra MacDonald (VPH&TH), Ellen Donald (Highgate) and Tom Mythen (SMR),

Well done to all the runners and Middlesex Team Managers Tim Hannah and Alex Baird.

South of England Inter-County Cross Country Championships, Lloyd Park, Croydon 11.12.21

U13 Boys 3000m, 104 runners

1st J Meyburgh (Surrey/WSE&H) 11:10, 10th Tom Mythen (St Marys Richmond) 11:58, 32nd Koppany Szentes (London Heathside) 12:10, 39th Euan Phillips (SBH) 12:16, 42nd Daniel Jelfs (St Marys Richmond) NT, 51st Aryuna Pflug (Highgate Harriers) NT, 88th Sam Turner (London Heathside) 13:16, 90th Arthur Phillips (SBH) 13:21, 95th Mika Stripp (ESM) 13:28

1st Surrey 31 pts, 6th Middlesex A (Mythen, Szentes, E Philips, Jelfs) 123 pts, 11th Middlesex B (Pflug, Turner, A Philips, Stripp) 324 pts

U15 Boys 4000m 109 runners

1st G Stubbs (Herts/SBH) 13:28, ,38th Charlie Brook (St Marys Richmond) 14:42, 53rd David Baah-Okyere (London Heathside) 15:01, 57th Michael Cattini (Harrow) 15:06, 58th Liam Bailey (Highgate Harriers) 15:06, 99th Greg Berrisford-Sweet (London Heathside) 15:56, 108th Ryan Stoddart (Hillingdon) 16:53

1st Hampshire 44 pts, 11th Middlesex (Brook, Baah-Okyere, Cattini, Bailey) 206 pts

U13 Girls 3000m 119 runners

1st J Walsh (Surrey/Brighton&Hove) 12:24, 17th Posie Shaw (SBH) 12:52, 23rd Jorja March (Barnet) 13:05, 33rd Kiara Corkin (London Heathside) 13:22, 47th Naimah Mossi (Blackheath & Bromley) 13:33, 53rd Isabella Ions (Highgate Harriers) 13:38, 60th Emily Gould (VP&TH) 13:44, 72nd Amae Van Zyl (Hillingdon) NT, 96th Rachel Riedingler (n/a) 14:19

1st Surrey 32 pts, 8th Middlesex A (Shaw, March, Corkin, Mossi) 120 pts, 16th Middlesex B (Ions, Gould, Van Zyl, Reidingler)

U15 Girls 4000m 105 runners

1st A Svihalkova (TVH) 15:07, 5th Lyra MacDonald (VP&TH) 15:25, 27th Monika Panoutsou (VP&TH) 16:03, 39th Hattie Munday (London Heathside) 16:15, 60th Lucy Barlow (St Marys Richmond) 16:44, 69th Skye Bishop (TVH) 16:55, 77th Mia Rosen (London Heathside) 17:10, 78th Kayla Saunders (Harrow) 17:11

1st Kent 63 pts, 2nd Middlesex A (Svihalkova, MacDonald, Panoutsou, Munday) 72 pts, 19th Middlesex B (Barlow, Bishop, Rosen, Saunders) 284 pts

U17 Women 5,000m 95 runners

1st H Reynolds (Norfolk) 19:11, 13th Lara Mannes (Blackheath & Bromley) 20:23, 16th Sophia Latham (Harrow) 20:29, 32nd Lily O’Neill (St Marys Richmond) 21:06, 33rd Charlotte Harris (Barnet) 21:08, 60th Jess Parry (Highgate Harriers) 21:54, 70th Emma McCluskey (Barnet) 22:13

1st Sussex 41 pts, 5th Middlesex (Mannes, Latham, O’Neill, Harris) 94 pts

U20 Women 6000m 51 runners

1st M Harris (Essex) 24:09, 9th Ellen Donald (Highgate Harriers) 26:03, 17th Jasmine Palmer (TVH) 27:09, 28th Ella Fryer (St Marys Richmond) 28:47, 32nd Natasha Turner (SBH) 29:23, 49th Midnight Adams (ESM) 34:37, 51st Charlotte Cooney Quinn (ESM) 37:15,

1st Hampshire 47 pts, 5th Middlesex (Donald, Fryer, Turner, Adams) 86 pts

Senior Women 6000m 63 runners

No Middlesex Runners