CAU Inter-Counties Cross-Country – 12th March 2022

it was a day of mixed fortunes for the Middlesex teams in todays Inter Counties XC Champs at Loughborough.

There were no Middlesex individual or team medals, but the best individual performance was from Adela who finished 5th in the U15 Girls race, and the best team performance was from the senior womens team which finished 6th.

Unfortunately a catalogue of injuries plus 3 positive tests left the senior men with an incomplete team & just 4 men racing, though Dylan had an excellent race to finish 15th.

U13 Girls 3,000m 301 Runners
1st K Haslip (Sussex) 12:32
19th Posie Shaw 13:12
31st Naimah Mossi 13.22
63rd Jorjia Ann March 13:44
89th Kiara Corkin 13:52
94th Amy Kirk 14:01
100th Isabella Ions 14:05
169th Emily Gould 14:33
191st Amae Van Zyl 14:44
Team:- 1st Buckinghamshire 36 pts, 8th Middlesex (Shaw, Mossi, March, Corkin) 193 pts

U13 Boys 3000m 290 Runners
1st J Meyburgh (Surrey) 11:16
37th Koppany Szentes 12:28
40th Arjuna Pflug 12:29
47th Prince Victorus John 12:32
55th Evan Phillips 12:36
139th Ben Redland 12:36
174th Daniel Jeffs 13:25
242nd Charlie Reed 14:05
258th Charlie Cutler 14:20
Team:- 1st Surrey 79 pts, 8th Middlesex (Szentes, Pflug, John, Phillips) 179 pts

U15 Girls 4,000m 297 Runners
1st E Powell (Oxon) 15:43
5th Adela Svihalkova 16:05
49th Izzy Watkins 16:52
76th Hattie Munday 17:19
80th Lyra MacDonald 17:21
86th Emilia Watkins 17:26
118th Monika Panoutsou 17:46
194th Ruby Walls 18:40
249th Kayla Saunders 19:39
Team:- 1st Yorkshire 74 pts, 9th Middlesex (Svihalkova, Watkins, Munday, MacDonald) 210 pts

U15 Boys 4000m 301 Runners
1st R Price (Cheshire) 13:43
91st Thomas Chadwick 15:31
115th Michael Cattini 15:37
126th Alexander Mulvihill 15:44
129th Charlie Brook 15:46
243rd Edward Flewitt 16:52
245th Oscar Tivnann 16:57
250th Billy Fudge 17:03
261st Jacob Clement 17:17
Team:- 1st Essex 62 pts, 26th Middlesex (Chadwick, Cattini, Mulvihill, Brook) 461 pts

U17 Women 5,000m 256 Runners
1st H Ryding (Scotland West) 19:46
74th Sophie Latham 22:56
76th Lauren Russell 22:57
89th Lily O’Neil 23:09
131st Jess Parry 23:56
184th Emma McCluskey 25:06
Team:- 1st Scotland West 54 pts, 16th Middlesex (Latham, Russell, Harris, O’Neil) 320 pts

U17 Men 6,000m 256 Runners
1st F Gilmour (Scotland West) 22:19
45th Jack Bailey 24:10
65th Samuel Greenstein 24:33
130th Alessio Ferrari 25:45
159th Leo Roncarati 26:20
207th Finn Combe 27:34
251st Max Bishop 30:15
Team:- 1st Scotland West 77 pts, 20th Middlesex (Bailey, Greenstein, Ferrari, Roncarati) 399 pts

U20 Women 6,000m 135 Runners
1st P Roessler (Surrey) 25:31
11th Ellen Donald 26:47
42nd Mia Parry 29:12
82nd Natasha Tanner 31:44
115th Imogen Scott-Gall 33:48
Team:- 1st Surrey 58 pts, 10th Middlesex (Donald, Parry, Tanner, Scott-Gall) 250 pts

U20 Men 8,000m 176 runners
1st L Rawlings (Shropshire) 28:07
37th Oliver O’Connor 30:32
39th Christopher Hudson 30:38
84th Theo Machin-Paley 32:21
85th Jonny Brook 32.25
Team 1st Kent 38 PST, 8th Middlesex (O’Connor, Hudson, Machin-Paley, Brook) 245 pts

Senior Women 8,000m 274 Runners
1st M MacLennan (Scotland North) 30:51
17th Hannah Viner 33:09
20th Naomi Tashimowitz 33:18
47th Eilish O’Grady 34:37
63rd Brogan Wallace 35:16
69th Evangelista Divetain 35:24
90th Emily Jeans 36:03
92nd Anna Hollingsworth 36:05
117th Lisa Da Silva 36:55
Team:- 1st Surrey 126 pts, 6th Middlesex (Viner, Tashimowitz, O’Grady, Wallace, Divetain, Jeans) 306 pts

Senior Men 10,000m 289 Runners
1st C Johnson (North East) 33:03
15th Dylan Evans 34:27
88th Elias Ahmed 36:37
104th Sean Renter 36:57
139th Oliver Newton 37:49
Team:- 1st Surrey 205 pts

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