SEAA Inter-Counties U15/U17 Championships

Thank you to all the Athletes and Team Managers who turned out at Oxford to represent Middlesex at the last Inter-counties meeting of the season. Highlights included Gold for Zayn Azabdaftery (Harrow) U15 Boys 100m, Silver medals for Sam Brown (LH) U15B 300m, Lewis Sorhaindo (Harrow) U15B Triple Jump, Alana Thomas (Harrow) U15 Girls Discus, Remy Weinbrecht (Highgate) U17 Men Long Jump and Bronzes for Hebe Evans (Hillingdon) U15 Girls 200m, Alana Thomas (Harrow) U15 Girl Shot Put, Verrel Charles (BFT) U17 Men 100m, Sol Inglis (TVH) U17 Men 400m, Kieran Bouwmeester-Reid (St Marys) U17 Men High Jump and Coumba sarr (St Marys) U17 Women Discus.

U15 Girl Team Manager Norma Grimsey sent the following report: “It was a great occasion at Horspath, blessed with excellent weather and it was pleasing to see 12 counties participating after a reduced match last year due the effects of the pandemic. The Middlesex U15 Girls team performed well, finishing in a respectable 6th place. Initially we had all events covered, but unfortunately three late withdrawals weakened the team. It has been rare for us to experience late withdrawals in the past, so hopefully this was just a bad year.
We had no individual event winners and again this is unusual, our best performance being 2nd place in Discus. That said, our athletes performed with great determination and we were rewarded with two PBs and an equalled PB.
On general points, it is a very long day and we were still trying to finish our Triple Jump after 6pm when most people had long since left. Maybe it would be possible to use both pits simultaneously to speed up the horizontal jumps. On another point, it was obvious that car parking had become a serious problem on the day and so maybe it would be possible for the organisers to issue instructions in advance that we could
send to parents. Last but not least, my thanks go to Clyde Gordon and Alima Ballerina for all their
help and support throughout the day.”

Amelia Greenfields (TVH) goes clear in the U17W Pole Vault

,U15 Boys

Team:- 1st Essex 83 pts, 8th Middlesex 29 pts

100m H2 1st Zayn Azabdaftery (Harrow) 11.24, Final 1st 11.32

200m H2 2nd Montana Dennis (LH) 24.81

300m H2 2nd Sam Brown (LH) 39.19, Final 2nd 37.18

800m 8th Austin Ward (SBH) 2:08.76

1500m 11th Arthur Phillips (SBH) 4:41.36

High Jump 6th Daniel Emegbor (Harrow) 1.65m

Long Jump 6th Lewis Sorhaindo (Harrow) 5.51m

Triple Jump 2nd Lewis Sorhaindo (Harrow) 12.00m

U15 Girls

Team: 1st Surrey 88 pts, 6th Middlesex 41 pts

200m H1 2nd Hebe Ebans (Hillingdon) 26.2 Final 3rd 26.06

300m H1 2nd Magdeline Paitoo (LH) 41.60 Final 4th 41.46

800m 7th Lyra Macdonald (VP&TH) 2:22.63

1500m 8th Naimah Mossi (Harrow) 4:57.80

High Jump 9th Monisade Ayodeji (Highgate) 1.35m

Pole Vault 5th Amelia Greenfields (TVH) 2.40m

Triple Jump 3rd Alana Thomas (Harrow) 10.07m

Shot Put 5th Alana Thomas (Harrow) 9.88m

Discus 2nd Alana Thomas (Harrow) 32.28m

Hammer 5th Laureen Okyghenu (VP&TH) 30.57m

Javelin 8th Elisabeth Boissiere (ESM) 25.97m

U17 Men

Team: 1st Kent 75 pts, 6th Middlesex 48 pts

100m H1 2nd Verrel Charles (BFT) 11.20, Final 3rd 11.11

400m H1 1st Sol Inglis (TVH) 52.62 final 3rd 52.88

800m H1 6th Jacob Clement (SBH) 2:04.05

1500m 6th Digby Turk (St Marys) 4:15.70

100mH H1 3rd Remy Weinbrecht (Highgate) 14.26 Final 4th 14.1

High Jump 3rd Kieran Bouwmeester-Reid (St Marys) 1.80m

Long Jump 2nd Remy Weinbrecht (Highgate) 6.39m

Triple Jump 5th Callum Sydenham (Barnet & D) 11.13m

Shot Put 7th Kieran Bouwmeester-Reid (St Marys) 12.01m

Discus 8th Remy Weinbrecht (Highgate) 30.43m

Hammer 6th Thomas Wassermann (LH) 25.12m

Javelin 4th Kaider Greening (St Marys) 49.94m

U17 Women

Team: 1st Essex 75 pts, 12th Middlesex 12 pts

100m H2 5th A N Other 13.26

800m Charlotte Harris (Barnet & D) 2:23.66

1500m Emma McClusky (Barnet & D) 4:58.28

High Jump Katherine Boissiere (ESM) 1.45m

Shot Put 12th Coumba Sarr (S Marys) 7.03m

Discus 3rd Coumba Sarr (St Marys) 32.00m

Hammer 7th Coumba Sarr (St Marys) 33.87m

Javelin 8th Mia De Vivenot (WS&EH) 27.11m