SEAA Inter-County Cross Country 2022

Despite the freezing temperatures there were plenty of great performances in the Southern Inter-Counties race at Oxford on Saturday. Our best position was Lauren Russells’ 3rd place in the U17 Women although Anerin Lessard (U13B) finished 4th, Lyra MacDonald (U15G) 5th and Jorja March (U13G) as well as Stephanie Ainley (SW) both were 6th. Sofia Latham (U17W) finished 8th. Everyone contributed to solid Team performances with the U17 Women 4th and U20 Women/U15 Girls both 5th.

SEAA Inter County Country Championships 2022, Horspath, Oxford 10.12.22

U13 Girls (3000m, 106 runners)

1st I Buchanan (Sussex) 10.50, 6th Jorja March 11.15, 39th Alya Johnson 12.11, 40th Mei Hayakawa 12.12, 62nd Sofia Bennett 12.42, 71st Rose Williamson 12.51, 92nd Sophia Sargeant 13.29. Team:- 1st Surrey AA 16 pts, 7th Middlesex AA (March, Johnson, Hayakawa, Bennett) 1t7 pys

U13 Boys (3000m 106 runners)

1st G Watkind (Essex) 10.08, 4th Anerin Lessard 10.33, 24th Dylan Lewis 10.56, 33rd Harry Harding 11.11, 56th Jack Hayward 11.27, 59th Eddie Pascal 11.30, 60th Caleb Hilton 11.32, 89th Henry Mythen 12.12. Team:- 1st Surrey AA 34 pts, 6th Middlesex AA (Lessard, Lewis, Harding, Hayward) 116 pts

U15 Girls (4000m 107 runners)

1st I McGowan (Oxon) 13.16, 5th Lyra McDonald 13.55, 28th Amy Kirk 14.35, 34th Monika Panoutsou 14.40, 43rd Posie Shaw 14.47, 47th Ruby James 14.53, 49th Mis Rosen 14.53, 62nd Niamah Mossi 15.06, 85th Kiara Corkin 15.34. Team:- 1st Surrey AA 53 pts, 5th Middlesex AA (MacDonald, Kirk, Panoutsou, Shaw) 110 pts

U15 Boys (4000m 109 runners)

1st A Lennon (Surrey) 12.10, 27th Daniel Jeffs 13.02, 45th Arthur Phillips 13.23, 47th Milun Pittack 13.24, 48th Tom Mythen 13.25, 65th Jared Morris 13.37, 68th Euan Phillips 13.41, 88th Victor Redondo 13.59. Team:- 1st Surrey AA 38 pts, 10th Middlesex AA (Jeffs, A Phillips, Pittack, Mythen) 153 pts

U17 Women (5000m. 97 runners)

1st Y Kashdan (Sussex) 16.45, 3rd Lauren Russell 16.54, 24th Charlotte Harris 17.52, 26th Lily O’Neill 17.59, 48th Emma McCluskey 18.53, 51st N Hewitt 18.57. Team:- 1st Buckinghamshire AA 29 pts, 4th Middlesex AA (Russell, Harris, O’Neill, McClusky) 98 pts

U17 Men (5000m 99 runners)

1st B Peck (Suffolk) 14.10, 48th Digby Turk 15.46, 61st Felix Kent 15.59, 69th David Baah-Okyere 16.19. Team 1st Suffolk AA 48 pts, Middlesex AA No Team

Senior Women (46 Runners)

1st R Wiseman (Essex) 21.43, 6th Stephanie Ainley 23.05, 26th Lisa DaSilva 24.16. Team 1st Surrey AA 18 pts Middlesex AA No Team

U20 Women (51 Runners)

1st A Gamer (Hants) 21.22, 8th Sofia Latham 23.11, 13th Ellen Donald 23.28, 29th Ella Fryer 24.54, 45th C Cooney-Quinn 27.35, 48th Poppy-Jo Allwright 28.19, 51st Abu Greene 32.31 Team:- 1st Hampshire AA 37 pts, 5th Middlesex AA (Latham, Donald, Fryer, Cooney-Quinn) 95 pts

Well done to all the athletes braving the weather as well as team captains Tim, Alex and John.