Senior British Inter-Counties Mountain Race – Saturday 7th May 2022

The Senior British Inter-Counties Mountain Race will be held on Saturday 7th May 2022 at Llanberis, Snowdon, North Wales.  It will be part of the annual Moel Eilio race, albeit with a course variation for County runners.

With a 1pm start the organisers have listened to those of us travelling from further afield making it just about possible to travel in the morning from London.

The course is 11.3km with 752m of climbing (7miles/2467ft) so expect the winners to take approx. 50/60 minutes for men/women respectively to give you an idea of the challenge. Weather permitting you will experience some incredible scenery! 

For more information on the race and team selection please contact Andy Owen at or 07725054225 (please leave a message) or find us on Strava or FaceBook. Other social media to follow.

Link to the official web page for details:

There is also an open race with entries online so why not give it a try?