Inter-Counties Cross Country – 11.03.23

The last major senior cross country took place at Loughborough in cold muddy conditions after a week of snow. This race was effectively a British Championships with regions from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales taking part alongside English Counties. The Senior Women’s 4th place was out best team result with the U20 Men 8th, U17 Women 9th and U15 Girls 10th our other top 10 finishes. Individually our leadimng Senior Man was Terence Fawden and woman Hannah Viner. Of the young athletes Lauren Russell (Highgate) finished a fantastic 4th in the U17 womens race with Jorjia March, the new XC Champion, was 5th in the U13 Girls race.

Senior Mens team manager Phil Wetton said “In today’s Inter Counties XC Champs at Loughborough, the Middlesex men finished 20th place team, a good result given a number of men were missing with injury.

The Middlesex ladies had a great race to finish 4th place team & were unlucky to miss out on a medal by 10 places.

Manuel said he lost 2 ladies from the team this morning, if they had been racing they would certainly have won a medal.”

Well done to the team managers and athletes for competing so well.

Senior Men (10,000m 810 Runners)

1st M Mohamed (Hampshire) 37.10

43rd Terence Fawden 40.10

83rd George Gurney 41.22

144th Oliver Newton 42.52

163rd Daniel Carpenter 43.13

185th William Ryle-Hodges 43.41

192nd Luca Minale 43.53

208th James Laing 44.12

238th Robert Thompson

Team 1st Leicestershire & Rutland 156 pts, 20th Middlesex 810 pts

Senior Women (8km 263 runners)

1st G Carson (Northern Ireland) 31.37

11th Hannah Viner 33.03

13th Katie Olding 33.18

25th Yvette Lock 33.55

55th Olivia Desborough 35.30

56th Stephanie Ainley 35.33

66th Hannah Cox 35.59

102nd Katy Casterton 36.59

Team 1st Surrey 152 pts, 4th Middlesex 226 pts

U20 Men (8km 187 runners)

1st L Birdseye (Berkshire) 28.25

16th Christopher Hudson 29.50

42nd Thomas Archer 30.55

53rd Samuel Greenstein 31.27

76th Julio Calvino-Palomares 32.11

77th Joshua Fisher 32.15

128th Finn Combe 34.43

Team 1st Kent 50 pts, 8th Middlesex 187 pts

U20 Women (6km 236 runners)

1st M Harris (Essex) 23.09

40th Sofia Latham 26.09

43rd Jasmine Palmer 26.15

73rd Rachel Pearlman 28.12

80th Lucy Henson 28.28

Team 1st Yorkshire 45 pts, 12th Middlesex 236 pts

U17 Men (6km 270 runners)

1st C Sheenan (Scotland West) 20.19

96th Michael Cattini 22.40

97th Rafael Gayer 22.41

110th Callum Sydenham 22.51

169th Felix Kent 23.41

197th Alex Mulvihill 24.17

259th Noah Clarke 26.56

Team 1st Essex 76 pts, 21st Middlesex 472 pts

U17 Women (5km 258 runners)

1st I Fitzgerald (Devon) 19.24

4th Lauren Russell 21.05

32nd Adela Svihalkova 22.30

57th Lucy Barlow 23.06

103rd Hattie Munday 23.54

107th Lily O’Neill 24.03

131st Charlotte Harris 24.21

169th Nicola Hewitt

Team 1st Yorkshire 70 pts, 9th Middlesex 196 pts

U15 Boys (4km 310 runners)

1st G Wilson (Lincolnshire) 14.10

87th Edgar Sayers 15.51

124th Billy Fudge 16.06

126th Louis Moore 16.06

149th Isaac Mezey 16.14

188th Tom Mythen 16.38

194th Milun Pittuck 16.40

232nd Reginald Rock 17.06

Team 1st Scotland West 36 pts, 23rd Middlesex 486 pts

U15 Girls (4km 295 runners)

1st Zara Redmond (Scotland West) 16.09

33rd Ruby James 17.17

41st Lyra McDonald 17.23

46th Amy Kirk 17.25

89th Amae Van Zyl 18.06

130th Kiara Corkin 18.31

144th Monika Panoutsou 18.39

196th Izzy Ions 19.12

Team 1st Yorkshire 81 pts 10th Middlesex 209 pts

U13 Boys (3km 292 runners)

1st T Thake (Yorkshire) 11.53

29th Aneirin Lessard 12.54

34th Dylan Lewis 12.56

66th Arthur Steer 12.15

97th Harry Harding 13.33

115th Jack Hayward 13.48

150th Khalil Hussein 14.05

157th Edward Pascal 14.08

181st Barney Griffiths 14.17

Team 1st Hertfordshire 67 pts, 11th Middlesex 225 pts

U13 Girls (3km 300 runners)

1st K Gorman (Bucks) 12.51

5th Jorjia March 13.15

62nd Ellina Ponkratieva 14.13

86th Rosa Cormacain 14.31

154th Alya Johnson 15.09

172nd Sofia Mossi 15.17

175th Caitlin Roberts 15.19

183rd Sofia Bennett 15.25

216th Lila Blustin 15.50

Team 1st Essex 84 pts 16th Middlesex 307 pts

Senior Womens Team