Inter-Counties Cross Country

UK CAU Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships, Wollaton Park, 9.3.24

Despite the heavy rain of the previous weeks and closed car parks as a result the annual inter-counties took place at Wollaton Park in Nottingham. The weather was mild and sunny and the courses generally held up well however a stiff breeze ensured there was an extra challenge.

The best Middlesex team result was the U13 Girls who finished 5th with a solid team performance. The U15 Girls almost matched that with 6th anchored by our best individual performance of the day Jorjia March (Barnet) who was 5th. The U20 Women also were 6th anchored by Lauren Russell’s (Highgate) 6th place. The Senior Women were 10th as were the U15 Boys. Dylan Evans (Highgate) was our first Senior Man home in 15th with the team securing 11th place overall. The U13 Boys were 12th, U17 Men 13th and U17 Women 15th.

Further notable individual performances were Thomas Chadwick (Highgate) 7th in U17 Men, Aiden Wolpert (VPH&TH) 16th in U13 Boys and Tom Mythan (SMR) 19th in the U15 Boys.

Thank you to all the athletes, team managers and other supporters who helped ensure our teams performed so well.


U13 Boys (3km 297 finishers)

1st T Creed (Surrey) 10:22

16th Aidan Wolpert (VPH&TH) 11:03

76th Jack Hayward (ESM) 11:29

80th Henry Mythen (SMR) 11:30

101st Leon Boulting (ESM) 11:36

123rd Marcus Muers (ESM) 11:41

128th Rory Willis (LH) 11:43

145th Alex Kirk (LH) 11:47

158th Edward Pascal (SBH) 11:51

Team:- 1st Surrey 60 pts, 12th Middlesex (Wolpert, Hayward, Mythen, Boulting) 101 pts

U13 Girls (3km 298 finishers)

1st S Smith (Essex) 11:05

28th Ellina Pankratieva (SMR) 11:56

41st Marni Keam-George (TVH) 12:06

44th Violet Muralidhar (ESM) 12:07

47th Katie Dalton (Harrow) 12:09

48th Sofia Mossi (B&B) 12:09

72nd Jagna Falkowska (Trent Park) 12:24

74th Beth Dalton (Harrow) 12:26

136th Sofia Bennett (TVH) 12:55

Team:- 1st Essex 38 pts, 5th Middlesex (Pankratlieva, Keam-George, Muralidhar, Dalton) 160 pts

U15 Boys (4km 295 finishers)

1st J Scanes (Kent) 12:03

19th Tom Mythen (SMR) 12:49

33rd Arthur Phillips (SBH) 13:03

67th Barnabe Lesenne-Ward (Hill) 13:24

144th Khalid Hussein (VPH&TH) 13:55

148th Euan Phillips (SBH) 13:56

164th Anerin Lessard (VPH&TH) 14:01

Team:- 1st Scotland West 55 pts, 10th Middlesex (Mythen, A Phillips, Lesenne-Ward, Hussein) 144 pts

U15 Girls (4km 294 finishers)

1st O Forest (Essex) 13:40

5th Jorjia March (Barnet) 14:23

39th Amy Kirk (LH) 15:13

43rd Sonny Allen (Highgate) 15:15

46th Amae Van Zyl (Harrow) 15:19

58th Alya Johnson (ESM) 15:26

72nd Rosa Cormacain (LH) 15:35

121st Kiara Corkin (LH) 16:09

Team:- 1st Scotland East 63 pts, 6th Middlesex (March, Kirk, Allen, Van Zyl) 133pts

U17 Men (6km 290 finishers)

1st J Alexander (Scotland West) 17:28

7th Thomas Chadwick (Highgate) 17:55

57th Charlie Brook (SMR) 18:52

95th Louis Moore (TVH) 19:12

122nd George Saint (LH) 19:26

Team:- 1st Scotland West 39 pts, 13th Middlesex (Chadwick, Brook, Moore, Saint) 281 pts

U17 Women (5km 266 finishers)

1st Z Richmond (Scotland West) 17:01

27th Allegra Massey (TVH) 18:09

53rd Ruby James (VPH&TH) 18:37

62nd Lyra MacDonald (VPH&TH) 18:46

141st Monika Panoutsou (VPH&TH) 20:03

186th Ishaana Cannell (LH) 20:40

189th Natasha Bennett (TVH) 20:44

192nd Lucy Corkin (LH) 20:48

219th Lucy Barlow (Teddington School) 21:29

Team:- 1st Scotland West 31 pts, 15th Middlesex (Massey, James, MacDonald, Panoutsou) 283 pts

U20 Men (8km 155 finishers)

1st A Gebremariam (Warwickshire) 22:23

36th Henry Fagan (Ranelagh) 24:17

60th Joshua Fisher (SBH) 25:02

89th Julio Calvino-Palmares (Harrow) 25:49

108th Fred Beale (LH) 26:26

126th Ethan Jackson (Trent Park) 27:21

130th Max Kercher (Trent Park) 27:35

135th Noah Clarke (Barnet) 28:15

Team:- 1st Surrey 66 pts, 15th Middlesex (Fagan, Fisher, Calvino-Palmares, Beale) 293 pts

U20 Women (6km 166 finishers)

1st I Fitzgerald (Devon) 18:52

9th Lauren Russell (Highgate) 20:12

26th Sofia Latham (Harrow) 21:23

66th Emma McCluskey (Barnet) 23:01

75th Charlotte Harris (Barnet) 23:19

83rd Charlotte Edge (TVH) 23:33

101st Lily O’Neill (SMR) 24:13

155th Florence Humphrey (Barnet) 27:58

Team:-1st Surrey 80 pts, 6th Middlesex (Russell, Latham, McCluskey, Harris) 176 pts

Senior Men (10km 285 finishers)

1st C Johnson (North East) 26:36

15th Dylan Evans (SBH) 27:32

24th Terence Fawden (Highgate) 27:46

66th Luca Minale (VPH&TH) 28:54

76th George Gurney (LH) 29:04

124th William Ryke-Hodges (SBH) 30:03

193rd Jake Hooley (TVH) 31:18

Teams:- 1st North East 182 pts, 11th Middlesex (Evans, Fawden, Minale, Gurney, Ryle-Hodges, Hooley) 498 pts

Senior Women (8km 257 finishers)

1st A Donnelly (Lincolnshire) 24:16

67th Hannah Cox (Fulham) 28:21

87th Katy Casterton (Serpentine) 28:45

92nd Clara Hartley (OUAC) 28:52

101st Hana Blake (TVH) 29:08

102nd Cecily Day (Ranelagh) 29:09

160th Lisa Da Silva (TVH) 30:14

Teams:- 1st Surrey 162 pts, 10th Middlesex (Cox, Casterton, Hartley, Blake, Day, Da Silva) 609 pts